Weather, Climate and People

Curiosity-driven science at IISER Pune.

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Joy Merwin Monteiro

Department of Earth and Climate Science,
IISER Pune, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,
Pashan, Pune : 411008, INDIA.


We aim to be a curiosity-driven group exploring different aspects of weather and climate. We use a wide range of approaches – theoretical, computational and observational – to study phenomena that we find fascinating. We enjoy working on idealised, abstract questions as well as applied, socially relevant ones.

We are extremely interested in interdisciplinary research, and encourage looking at questions from a broader perspective.

Current interests

We are currently interested in the following themes:


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I am not actively looking for students right now. However, feel free to write to me if you find any of our work interesting!

Take a look at my publications and see if any topics interest you!